India skin deep
3 December 2014

India onderhuids, Nederlandse tekst

Someone asked me how it was to travel through India for the first time. I answered it felt like stepping into a slightly to hot bath. At first you want to get out as quickly as possible, but after a minute or so it starts to get comfortable, and few minutes more you never want to get out.

Beyond the culture shock lies a country with the most friendly people you will ever meet. Sure they want to sell you a cloth, a shirt, a boat ride or maybe even some blow. But most of the time, when no deal is made, there is always a sincere moment of interest why you came to their country or a helping hand to get your bearings right.

In the 3 travels made through this vast and divers country by car and train I had the privilege to experience the mesmerizing sight of the Taj Mahal twice. Wandered the string of Varanasi ghats for days watching people cleaning their cloths and their souls. Saying farewells to their deceased loved-ones while the flames consume the bodies. Teamed-up with locals in suicide street-crossing attempts, stayed cool during ruthless negotiations about rickshaw fare and next got treated on a rollercoaster ride through heavy traffic.
When this country gets under your skin it is there to stay.

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Mother Ganga, 2010

Strength, Varanasi, 2015

Why, Jodhpur

Aftermath, Jodhpur 2015

Gent, Jodhpur

Gent, Jodhpur 2015

Reckless, Agra

Reckless, Agra 2015

Wanderer, Varanasi 2010

Guarded, Varanasi 2015

Hyderabad, 2013

Hide, Hyderabad 2013

Puppy love, Varanasi

Puppy love, Varanasi 2015

History reflect Udaipur, 2015

Smile, Varanasi 2015

Jewel, Udaipur 2015

Bench, Udaipur

Bench, Udaipur 2015


Blue city, Jodhpur 2015

Varanasi 2015

Music school, Varanasi 2015

Udaipur 2015

Dots, Udaipur 2015

Booth, Jodhpur

Booth, Jodhpur 2015

Platform, Jaisalmer

Platform, Jaisalmer 2015

Karts Hospet, 2013.

Field trip, Bangalore, 2013.

Field trip, Bangalore 2013.

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Pilgrim, Varanasi 2010